“100 Friends of the Graton Green” 2021 Campaign reaches $5,000 goal! Thank you community!

Friends of the Graton Green:

Dave G and Karina S

Sunshine Georgantis

Liz Junge

Buffy Simoni

Emily Thiessen

Orrin Theissen

Cary Fargo

Stephanie Elliot

Joseph McIntyre

Sara Alexander

Peter Sassi

Andy and Karen Smith

Susan Shaw

Jenny Richmond and Walt Frazer

Dewey and Susan Watson

Lesa Tanner

Tony and Gloria Pires

John and Susan Lowry

Randi Francis and Jane Kurtz

Henry and Nancy Fastenau

Judy Tanner

Nancy Hargraves/ Shooting Star Propagation

Mark and Jean Farmer

Jeanne Henderson

David Berger

Christy Lubin

Heather Hendrickson

Greg Young

Richard McMurtry

Ann Witbrodt

George and Marcy Greeley


John Keathly and Randy Lind

Alison Chaput

Allan and Laura Bernstein

John and Diane Stuppin

Glenn Salkeld

The Graton Community Club

Renee Francisco

Barbara and Richard Stranzl

Richard and Teresa Bland

Benji Lasseau

Sara Press

Richard Wolf

Christina Rivera

Jennifer Butler

Douglas and Amie Eck

Sam and Andy Werback

Molly Schechter in honor of Sara Alexander

Nancy Kesselring and Patrick Fanning

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