Thank you community! We have exceeded our $5,000 goal for the “100 Friends of the Graton Green” campaign.

Keep the Graton Green Growing!, organized by Graton Green Group

The Graton Green Group

PO Box 858

Graton, CA 95444

We couldn’t do it without you! The Graton Green is a community created and funded park. Thanks to all our generous donors, the Graton Green Group can now cover our operating costs this year: insurance, tree and lawn maintenance, property tax, garbage service and more.

Fundraiser update as of January 10:

Thanks to our generous donors, we have raised over $5,100, exceeding our fundraising goal!

Thank you Friends of the Graton Green:

Renee Francisco

Liz Junge

Dewey Watson

David Good

Henry Fastenau

Hayley Blondin

Richard McMurtry

Sunshine Georgantis

Stephanie Elliot

Michelle Clark

Buffy Simoni

Sammy Nasr


Martin Gavriloff

Heather Hendrickson

Joseph McIntyre and Charlotte Ballenger

Gayle Dutton

Jennifer Richmond

Caitlin Martinelli

David Berger

Rachel Jaffe-Powell

Theresa Gonzales

Greg and Carol Helstorm

Anna Ransome

Terry and Polly Flinn

Jeanne Henderson         

Karen Smith

Peter Sassi

George and Marcy Greeley

Ernie Carpenter

Richard Yonash

Susan Wooldridge

Jennifer Butler

Mark Wiley

Glenn Salkeld

John and Diane Stuppin

Jody James

Nancy Davison

Elaine Weil

Allan Bernstein

Graton Community Club

Andy and Sam Werback

Ravi Alimchandani

Sara Alexander

Catherine Sharp

Amira Jessica Diamond

Chris White

John Amodeo

Richard and Barbara Stranzl

Kate Burroughs/ David Henry

Anonymous X7

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